Have we Thought of the Base of the Work of God?
By Paul Ravenhill

Everything in our world has, of necessity, a base.
          A base for a building.
          A base for a belief.
          A base for an action.

Our living is the fruit of our bases in education, our theological learning, that which has been proved in our experience

But in the world of God it is not so.
Job states that God "Hangeth the world upon nothing" (Job 26:7)
          The world exists
                    because God Is
                    and because God wishes it to be.

God made the world out of nothing and hangs it upon nothing. Man could never imagine the form and the principles of this creation.

Gods thoughts are not our thoughts, they obey laws of reason of a height and depth which only the "only wise God" processes and which He employs to bring to fulfillment His good and perfect will.

If we are to walk with Him we must discover that all that He does is not built upon the bases of our reason but only upon His will.

May God deliver us from enclosing Him within our thought processes! And may He give us a renewing of our minds, to be able to comprehend... the breadth, and length, and depth, and height... to see a vision of the immensity and glory of the "New Creation."...

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