Have we Thought of Gods Work in Creation?
By Paul Ravenhill

Have we meditated on the fact that God, in the first four days, separated:
          the light from the darkness,
          the waters above from the waters beneath,
          the waters from the dry land,
          the day from the night?
These were four necessary steps in the work of creation.

Have we thought of the fact that there must be a similar process in our lives?
          Without separation there can be no order or clarity.
          Without separation all is confused, in disarray.
          Without separation God will not start the work of creation in us!

The process, for us, is not a mere acceptance of God.
The process involves a searching by the Spirit of the deepest areas within.
The process is a separation, many times painful, of the precious from the vile so that the work of God may advance form one stage to the next, until all is complete, until nothing lacks of all that He has proposed:

A NEW creation.
A work which glorifies God alone.

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