Excerpts from "Heart Breathings" - 1
By Leonard Ravenhill

Pour Thyself through Me

Spirit of the living God, pray Thy mind through me;
Nothing less than Spirit-power do I ask of Thee.
Purge me, urge me, guide me, hide me-
Spirit of the living God, pray Thy mind through me.

Power of the eternal God, flow Thy power through me;
Holy, Pentecostal power do I ask of Thee.
Lowly, holy, for Thy glory-
Power of the eternal God, flow Thy power through me.

Mercy of the living God, channel love through me;
Nothing less than Calvary love meets the need for me.
Love that's burning, love that's yearning-
Mercy of the living God, channel love through me.

Grace of God, eternal grace, reach the lost through me;
Tenderness for every race do I ask of Thee.
Love them, lift them, reach them, teach them-
Grace of God, eternal grace, reach the lost through me.

Life of God, eternal life, pour Thyself through me;
Nothing less than Thine own life do I ask of Thee.
Life compelling, life that's telling-
Life of God, eternal life, pour Thyself through me.

Thy Glory

When Thy Shekinah glory fell,
The priests stood still in awe;
Nor could the great Apostle tell
The glory that he saw
When Thou didst lift him to the sky
To sights unseen by mortal eye.

When Moses stood with unshod feet
And Thy great Presence felt,
No trumpeter could call retreat
While gazing where Thou dwelt!
He listened, raptured by Thy voice,
And strangely did his heart rejoice.

The toilers' fishing nets were left
In answer to Thy call,
And worldly men, of sense bereft
Before their feet would fall.
Those simple men Thou didst endue
With power original to You.

O Lord, we labor in a day
When men of faith are few.
Now just a remnant watch and pray.
Again we beg - endue
Thy church with apostolic power
For true revival in this hour.

Have we the holy channel blocked
With unbelief and sin?
Have we not asked and sought and knocked
To bring the glory in?
How is now Thy Spirit grieved
That He withholds the shower
That would revival tide bring in
And apostolic power?

Is Thy blest Holy Word unread?
And have we ceased to pray?
Have carnal longings in our hearts
Brought spiritual decay?
Come, great Physician, come,
And circumcise the heart;
Fleshly impediments remove
And all Thy might impart.

So let the beauty of the Lord
On Christians be outpoured,
That we forget "our" ministry,
And glorify the Lord.
We hate the boasting flesh
Which often claims Thy name.
Descend, Oh Holy Ghost, descend
With all Thy purging flame!

Love Like Thine

Love divine all love excelling,
Love divine all love compelling,
Love that counts all things but dross
In the light of Calvary's cross.
Love that loves unto the death,
Love that loves with every breath.
Love that knows His deepest pain,
Love that gives and gives again.
Love that burns with holy fire,
Love that prays in His desire,
Love that's deeper - love that's higher;
Love that serves and knows no cost,
Love to reach a world deceived and lost.

I Walked Today

I walked today as Dante walked
In days of long ago;
I gasped through stench of this earth's hell,
The air was filled with woe.
Men scarred with sin, in rags, ill shod,
Their face blank in despair,
Their livid eyes burned into me-
I cried, "O Christ of Calvary,
Waken Thy church to care."

I walked today where Christ would walk
If He were here on earth;
The air was thick with discontent
And dark with lack of mirth.
It seemed despair had carved each face,
And greed and lust and vice
Like chains, had bound resentful men.
"And, Lord," I asked, "Oh when, Oh when
Will Thy dear church revive again
To seek Thy power in prayer?"

I walked today mid cultured vice
And, as I walked, I wept.
I thought, Lord, of Thy sacrifice,
And how Thy church has crept
Along the road this past decade
And slumbered in soft pews,
While millions in their sinful plight
Fall into hell's eternal night.
O Christ, in mercy purge our blight;
Anoint Thy church to tell!

(Written after a visit to a drug area in a large city.)

Excerpts taken from "Heart Breathings" by Leonard Ravenhill.
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