Excerpts from "Heart Breathings"
By Leonard Ravenhill

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Strings for Your Harp

     Part 1. The Beginning

        B. The Bible

          The Bible is never wrong!
          God does not have to retract, revise, repair, or
          recall one word He has ever spoken.

          Men give advice,
          God gives guidance.

          We have substituted "the Bible says"
           for what the Bible does.

          The only people who want to change the Gospel
          are those who are unchanged by it.

          If men would read their Bibles more,
          They would need to read us writers less.

          The power, the prayer, the pattern, and the
          progress of the New Testament Church make
          electrifying reading!

          The Bible - It cannot be solved or dissolved by
          human power.
          It was not put together by the human mind
          and cannot be solved by it.
          It was not put together by human hands and
          cannot be destroyed by them.

          Based on the Ten Commandments, any nation
          can progress.
          Without those commandments, no nation can
          retain its soul.

          Biblical prophecy is history written beforehand.

          Ponder what the "Heroes of Faith" did without
          a Bible! (Heb. 11)
          Consider how little we do having the full
          Revelation of Divine Truth.

          Interpreters of the book of "The Acts of the
          Apostles" seem to be intimidated by two
            1. The fear of being clubbed by
          criticism, or
            2. The fear of being ostracized for

          The Bible is not just a series of puzzles to be
          it is a chain of commandments to be obeyed.

          Five minutes of Divine revelation
          might be more illuminating
          than five years of Bible school instruction.

          We have a lovely, lively, liberating Gospel!

     Excerpts taken from "Heart Breathings"
     by Leonard Ravenhill.
     Used by permission.
      Copyright 1995 by
     Harvey Christian Publishers, L.L.P.

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