Excerpts from "Heart Breathings"
By Leonard Ravenhill

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Strings for Your Harp

     Part IV. The Imperatives

        B. Revival

           "True revival," said dear Dr. Tozer,
           "changes the moral
           climate of a community." Wet-eyed, heart-broken
           revivalists produce wet-eyed, heart-broken sinners at the
           feet of a holy God.

           The evangelism of the last twenty-five years has been the
           most costly in history. High-powered methods have needed
           high-powered men with high salaries to get them to

           Revival never cost a penny.
           It is the Lord's doing and is marvelous in our eyes!

           This generation,
           rapidly sinking in a morass of materialism
           and swept by a blizzard of Satanic cults,
           can only be rescued from total loss
           by a heaven-sent, Spirit-born revival.

           Here in the United States we live like kings
           compared to millions in other lands. Our
           greatest danger is not even moral, bad as that
           is, but spiritual. Prophets, as I have said and
           written so often, are God's emergency men
           crisis hours. They thrive on perplexity,
           override adversity, defeat calamity, bring the new
           wine of the Kingdom to burst the withered
           wineskins of orthodoxy, and birth REVIVAL.
           Let no Christian's heart fall him because it
           seems that the enemy has come in like a flood,
           that the voice of the prophet is not heard in the
           land. God has His men hidden. They will come
           forth without price tags; with nothing to sell,
           nothing to propagate but
           "holiness unto the Lord."

           WHAT IS REVIVAL?
           Revival is the act of the Spirit upon believers
           who have lost their first love.
           Revival is the restoration of true doctrine.
           Revival is the rekindling of the power of
           prayer in individuals and in groups.
           Revival is seeing that God must be vindicated
           either by His mercy in pardoning - or by judgment!
           Revival is the ascendancy of the spiritual over
           the material.
           Revival is the Spirit's passion within the
           believer to know and to obey the total will of God.
           Revival is the willingness to forsake all, that
           God might be all in all to the individual and
           to the Church.
           Revival is the "no-time-limit" operation of God
           on the saints,
           resulting in a moving of God
           among the sinners.
           Revival is the redeemed sobbing with broken
           hearts over a nation of broken lives from
           breaking the commandments of God.
           Revival is not a luxury, but a necessity for our
           not an alternative, but an imperative.

           I am bombarded with talk or letters about the
           coming shortages in our national life: bread,
           fuel, energy. I read between the lines from
           people not practiced in scaring folk. They feel
           that the "seven years of plenty" are over for us.
           The "seven years of famine" are ahead. But the
           greatest famine of all in the nation at this given
           moment is a FAMINE OF THE HEARING OF
           THE WORDS OF GOD (AMOS 8:11).

           I am sure that the main reason we do not have
           a national revival beginning with personal
           revival is that we are content to live without it.

           Will the economy have to break down before
           God can break through and revival break out?

           The discord in our disjointed society is not
           because of the generation gap, but because of
           the regeneration gap.

           "They that wait upon the Lord renew their
           They that wait upon men usually dissipate
           their energies.

           America could be transformed in one day if
           every professing Christian would live the Bible
           concept of Christianity for twenty-four hours.

           The dislocation of the status quo
           socially and religiously
           is guaranteed when spiritual revival breaks.

           Apostolic purity, Apostolic piety, and
           Apostolic power are the need for today.

           The law of revival is simply this:
              Going- weeping- bearing (seed);
              Coming- rejoicing- bringing (sheaves).
              (Psalms 126:6)

           Can a polluted source birth a clean stream?
           Can wrong men lead a nation right?
           Can politicians who break divine laws
           establish civil laws
           and demand obedience to them?

           John Baptist did not raise a dead person.
           He did more - he raised a dead nation and a
           dead generation.

     Excerpts taken from "Heart Breathings"
     by Leonard Ravenhill.
     Used by permission.
      Copyright 1995 by
     Harvey Christian Publishers, L.L.P.

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