Excerpts from "Heart Breathings"
By Leonard Ravenhill

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Strings for Your Harp

     Part IV. The Imperatives

        B. Revival (Continued)

           A proof that misery and sadness are endemic
           in the human race is that we need a host of
           comedians to try to raise a laugh.

           At his expulsion from Eden, man took the
           wrong turn,
           and he has been on the wrong road ever since.

           We have been spiritually satisfied with so little
           for so long-
           when there is so much land for us to possess!

           Today there seem to be no recognized limits
           governing personal behavior. The password
           seems to be: do what you want, with whom
           you want, where you want, when you want.

           If our nation has to break down materially in
           order that God may break through and revival
           break out, is the Church mature enough to
           welcome this?

           Revival, like charity, begins at home.

           Holiness teaching contradicted
           by unholy living is the bane of this hour.

           God's problem today is not Communism, nor
           yet Romanism, nor liberalism, nor modernism,
           nor humanism.
           God's problem is dead fundamentalism

           America needs a Joan of Arc. The British need
           another Boadicea to wage war on her immorality.
           Both nations need another Jeremiah to
           weep over their sins, another John the Baptist
           to call them to repentance, and another Elijah
           to bring fire down from heaven that the multitude
           may cry again, "The LORD, He is God!
           The LORD, HE is God!"

           We go down to our knees, or we go down to oblivion.

           We have labored in the flesh too long.
           We have interpreted success by material gain -
           bigger buildings for our churches, bigger
           crowds for our hearers, bigger offerings,
           as proofs of His favor. We have had pygmy
           preachers too long. God, give us giants! We
           have had promoters too many. Lord, send us
           revivalists! We have played evangelism with
           a hundred gimmicks. Lord, give us, in this dark
           hour of human history, some John the Baptists
           to burn and shine, some Knox to say,
           "Give me Scotland (or England, or America), or
           I die!"

           Maybe, nay, surely we need ten days in an
           Upper Room or maybe more suitable for us a
           basement to mourn the departed glory, to
           apologize for our arrogance in preaching so
           long without a NATIONAL revival.

           The last revival mentioned in the Old
           Testament is found in the book of the prophet Joel.
           He proclaimed a solemn feast and said, "Let
           the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep
           between the porch and the altar." Well, let's
           face it, who weeps anymore?

           Before Jesus comes I am convinced that we
           will see a great, sweeping Pentecost that will
           out-Pentecost Pentecost. God will pour out
           His Spirit on all flesh, as Joel said. Our sons
           and daughters will prophesy. God will produce
           a race of spiritual giants for the last
           mighty ingathering. Today God has these
           leaders hidden, but in the great Day of the Lord
           He will bring them to light, and the last shall
           be first. I pray that day will come soon.

           Let the Church live again with holy passion
           and America will be reborn.

           God said, "I will pour out my Spirit upon all
           flesh.... BEFORE the great and terrible day of
           the Lord come." (Acts 2:17, 20) If it is true
           that greater is He that is in us than he that is
           in the world, and it is true; if it is true that
           the gates of hell shall not prevail against His
           church, and it is true; then what have we to fear?

           Spiritual and moral revolution is only possible
           to men whose "eyes have seen the glory of the
           coming of the Lord!"

     Excerpts taken from "Heart Breathings"
     by Leonard Ravenhill.
     Used by permission.
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     Harvey Christian Publishers, L.L.P.

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