Excerpts from "Heart Breathings"
By Leonard Ravenhill

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    I Am Thy Captive, Lord

    I am Thy captive, Lord,
      Not wishing to be free;
    To know I am Thy bondslave
      Is glorious liberty. 
    My life, my all, in Thy control, 
    Is glorious freedom to my soul.  
    I am not tossed about
      By vicious doctrine wind. 
    My soul is safely anchored  
      Because I have Thy mind.
    My will is Thine, Thy will is mine,
      And, in this my blest soul estate, 
    My longings do not wander far,  
      I seek not to be great.  
    Just lead me in Thy garden, Lord, 
    The garden of Thy Holy Word. 
    It's loaded with a thousand spices - 
    Delicious fruits, boundless advices. 
    Lead on, O King, in full control, 
    Thou art the Master of my soul.  

    Gethsemane, Gethsemane
    Gethsemane. Gethsemane. 
    Where Jesus groaned to set me free. 
    Way back there in eternity 
    He planned salvation full and free 
    For sinners such as you and me.  
    He felt hell's billows o'er Him roll; 
    They should have crushed my guilty soul. 
    He knew the ransom must be paid, 
    That on a cross He must be laid, 
    Deserted by His chosen few, 
    Deserted by His Father, too.  
    His depth of anguish who can tell 
    As He was buffeted by hell. 
    He had planned to die alone! Alone! 
    And turn that Cross into a Throne. 
    In pain He groaned for cruel hours, 
    Not for His own sins, *but for ours.*  
    The greatest purchase ever made 
    Was when His priceless blood was paid, 
    When sinless Jesus crucified 
    Gave up the ghost, in anguish died. 
    This caused a panic all through hell, 
    And every demon had to tell 
    That Satan suffered full defeat 
    And from that hour beat a retreat. 
    To see that on the Cross He laid
    The everlasting ransom paid!
    There on that dread Calvary
    Death, sin and hell were crushed for me.
    "It is finished," was His cry,
    Death and hell had no reply!
    In glorious majesty He rose 
    Triumphing over all His foes. 
    Angels chanted, "Here's the King, 
    "Ope the gates and let Him in." 
    King of glory! King of Peace! 
    Let Him give thy soul release. 
    Victory He now offers thee 
    For time and all eternity.  

    To Please My God

    I ask no bliss
      But this,
    To know Thy will,
      And it fulfill,
      In every part
    So that my heart,
      Without alloy,
    May know the joy
      By peace
        Or rod
      To please      My God.    

    Amazing Grace

    Sin shall not have dominion over you.
    This from God's Holy word, and it is true.
            He forgives our sinful heart,
            Cleanses, purges every part.
            Takes sole possession of our throne
            Where sinful self has reigned alone.
            Drives out every foul desire,
            Cleanses wlth His holy fire!
            O, my soul, without alloy
            This on earth is Heavenly Joy.
            Daily I my vows will pay,
            Walking in the Holy Way.
            My will married to His will,
            Mine a life that He can fill
            With a love to reach the lost,
            Showing me what Calvary cost,
            Giving me anointed eyes
            That can see beyond the skies,
            Showing me His glorious Throne,
            Where, one day, we all shall stand
            And bow to kiss the nail-pierced Hand.
            Lord, blest Savior, can it be
            We'll share with Thee ETERNITY!
    What bliss is this for us who once were so remiss!
                                    AMAZING GRACE
    Excerpts taken from 
    "Heart Breathings" by  Leonard Ravenhill. 
    Used by permission. 
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    Harvey Christian Publishers, L.L.P.
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