Have we Thought of the of the Heavens?
By Paul Ravenhill

In that place not one life will be limited. There will not be one whose faith will be less than it might be. In that place the glory will not be mixed with the clay of earth. The life of the Spirit will not be in conflict with the weakness of the flesh.

The ruts worn in our minds,
the stumbling blocks of our tiny personalities,       
the faults and the scars of our years               
the tiredness which comes with life in this fallen creation;                               

will ALL pass away
when He reigns over all our yesterdays in THAT WORLD.

Have we thought of the earth?

Have we thought that God seeks in THIS world
        a people free from the conventions of men,
        free from men's structures
        a people who go beyond all the experiences of the past, all the mental ruts,
        all "religious" experience.

Have we thought that God is seeking a
people who would come to His Presence that He might quicken them day by day
a people who day by day would say "My God, give me this day my daily bread."

May the Lord give us:
        a quickening in our spirits today,
                a strengthening in our souls today,
                        a leaving behind of the earthly today

a drawing nigh TODAY to that which is to be our inheritance for eternity...

the Glory of His Presence


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