He Came...
By Paul Ravenhill

After the longing and waiting of mankind down through the centuries, ever since the flood-gates of suffering and death were opened by sin, at last there came a day when the Son of God stood and declared, "I am come." Behind those words came all His power to fulfill the eternal will of the Father in this world, in the world to come and in my life and yours.


How easy it is for us to forget that the only way to find and participate in this life is through a process of "coming" also - coming out form all that we have and are. It is so easy to become preoccupied with God's part of the process - worrying about the outworking of the promises in our lives, and forgetting that our only care should be to fulfill all of our responsibilities in God.

How few people ever free themselves form a limited response to God - limited through lack of vision that in Him all has been accomplished - limited through lack of faith that He is willing and able to bring it to pass in our lives - limited through lack of that love that believes all things and expects all things and can abandon itself in God.

How few people ever come to the place where the clear light of heaven separates between flesh and spirit, between God's ways and man's ways, until the whole being has been separated to Him and known of His fullness. Then all the purposes of His coming can be fulfilled. Then His hands are free to bring about all His good will, all His promises, all His plans. All His part of the covenant He will fulfill, because for this He came.

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