In Thy light shall we see light
By Paul Ravenhill

Psalm 36:9

In the beginning there was darkness and the darkness was only overcome by the creative word of God.

Darkness in the Bible is more than something physical
          it signifies death, suffering, confusion, misery, destruction, and evil.

Light is the opposite of darkness and
          it contains the elements of life blessing, and the fullness of strength.
          It transmits clarity, joy, a new day, life that springs abundant and uncontainable.

All true light in this world comes from God,
          and all darkness from the enemy.

The nations boast of the advances in their "macro economic" horizon while their citizens suffer under the effects of unemployment and wage reductions in the name of that "efficiency."

The church has the tendency to focus on the small horizons of personal experience and ignores the wider horizon of society in general where the perversion, injustice, violence seem to extend without obstacle.
          Governments stumble in darkness.
                    The commercial world has its conscience darkened.
                              Our philosophers stagger without light.
                                        And society in general is lost.
The church must follow the same path when the revelation of God is lacking.

If we are to find our way out
First of all we have to be conscious of how absolutely necessary the light is.
- Nothing, nothing, nothing can take its place. -
          Only light can give life.
                    Only light can show us the Way.
                              Only light can keep us from the destroyer.

Then, we have to seek the light - cry out, as the Psalmist, "send forth Thy Light..."
          That it may illuminate our interior,
                    that it may invade each thought, each concept, each principle of our
                    character, each motivation of our conduct.
We must long, and cry for that which will change the world of our experience as surely as the creation itself was transformed step by step after God proclaimed: "Let there be light."

May we catch a glimpse of the difference in a life, in a people, and even in a world where once again, as it were from the immensity of eternity, the voice of God is heard
          transforming all the regions of death and slavery into a world without shadows,
          without darkness,
                    creating a world where all barriers are taken away and the soul is free to
                    tread and possess to the furthest horizon.

Beyond the fulfillment of the externals of our faith, may there be in the depths of our soul a reaching forth toward the inheritance of the Children of Light!

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