Is it a New Year?
By Paul Ravenhill

I was impressed as the old year ended with the irony of man's attitude toward time. To think of man without God, bound in the emptiness of his own darkness and menaced by the fleeting years which swiftly and surely bear his life away... to think of such a man..."celebrating" the passing of time - rejoicing in the passing away of his only resource, blind to his only hope, seems a master-stroke of the enemy's deceit.

How dark is the darkness of those who have never seen the light and how great the responsibility of those who have! I think of the prophet, under the illumination of the Holy Spirit, crying out "Earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord." With what tremendous yearning does God call to His Poor, lost, blind and wounded creation. With what intensity does He proclaim to them the word of their deliverance, calling upon them with thrice repeated emphasis that the dust of their earth may hear His voice and live again.

I am sure we would find more of God if we could change the emphasis in our lives upon spiritual capability (as it is generally thought of) and put the emphasis in our lives upon spiritual sensitivity and the knowledge of His will and ways.

May we find within ourselves in this year the echo of His cry - that first this earth which we are may hear His voice and the waste places be quickened by its creative power to spring forth and blossom in life. May we walk in the sure path of His Word and go on from faith to faith, victory to victory and glory to glory.

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