Is it a New Year?
By Paul Ravenhill

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

The measure of our knowledge is the measure of our freedom.
How much do we know about the processes of life?
How much do we know about the workings of death?

Mankind always seems to be on a search for the extraordinary and forever falling into the trap of looking for these unusual events to determine the outcome of life. We hear portents of impending international conflicts, of possible market crashes, of signs of doom, and lose out on the present while looking to the future.

While extraordinary events certainly do occur, I believe that it is the small daily "molecular processes" which determine our destinies.

The power of a mighty hurricane, or earthquake, is not to be compared with the unceasing force of nature in its ever changing seasons. Think of the Spring which causes untold billions of plants all over the world to burst forth in the power of life.

In bygone days the church has looked with dread and its ministers have preached with passion, on the dangers of... Hitler... Mussolini... Communism.... We have seen indications of the end of the world and proclaimed our theories as God's truth to His church- but the passing years have proved it all to be a fleeting shadow.

On the other hand we have seen or heard of new movings of God and run to these manifestations for the answer to our needs only to see them recede as the tide.

What is the answer?
          GOD is the answer.

"The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits." The only thing which will stand the test of time is the life of God within us.

This is what we need to understand about the workings of life and death:
          If God leaves us we "fade as a leaf." (Is 64:6)
          If we are in fellowship with God we are like a tree planted by the rivers
          of water. (Ps 1:3)

We don't need to fear the cataclysmic events of the world around us as much as we need to fear the withering which takes place when our life is not in the place of constant renewal. We don't need to seek so much for the latest "move of God" as we do to be in contact with His Holy Creative Presence.


         This is the place where the river of God and the fullness of eternity are
                   given without measure.
          This is the place where our questions are answered and our longings
                   are satisfied.
          This is our escape from the powers of death, and

This is the wellspring of Life.

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