Maxims #8

Prayer must be of the right sort
          very humble
                   very expectant
                            very persevering.
                                      Lord, teach me to pray.
                                                                             ~ Alexander Smellie

In prayer... "I must wrestle like Jacob, and pant like David, and hope like Elijah, and be persistent like Bartimeus, and cry with tears like my blessed Lord."
                                                                             ~ Alexander Smellie

No listening is healthy which is not mentally referred to obedience. We are to listen with a view to obedience, with our eyes upon the very road where the obedient feet will tread. "Doing" makes a new thing out of "hearing."
          The statue obeyed becomes a song.
          The commandment is found to be a beatitude.
          The decree discloses reaches of grace.
The hidden things of God are not discovered until we are treading the path of obedience.
                                                                             ~ Henry Jowett

With God, the most of mosts is lighter than nothing, and without Him the least of leasts is heavier than any burden.
                                                       ~ One of the ladies of the Scottish Covenant