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  • Are we longing for repentance?
    John 7:37
    Jesus knew the hour was near and longed for the Jews to repent. Where are our hearts? - do we long for repentant hearts?

  • Are we willing to drink His cup?
    Luke 12:49-50
    "I have a baptism..." "I am come to send fire on earth."

  • Christ Magnified in our Bodies
    Paul's motivation - his theology and life an example to all Christians.

  • Elijah
    I Kings 17
    Revival; The responsibility of preachers;
    Some quotes from this sermon:
    "Prophets are God's emergency people for crisis hours."
    "If you stand before God you will never kneel before men."
    "They had nothing yet possessed all things. Now we have all things yet we possess nothing.... Elijah had nothing but God."

  • Genesis 32
    An exposition on Gen 32 (The night Jacob was alone).

  • God is Worthy of Worship
    Rev. 5:1-9
    What worship is, the vast difference between worship and praise...
    Note: Video has some flashes, but it is still highly recommended.

  • Interview with Leonard Ravenhill
    Approximately two hours of questions and answers done for a TV station.

  • Judgment Seat of Christ
    The judgment of believers and unbelievers.

  • Moses and Exodus 33
    The Presence of God; Worship; Being in God's Presence and the transforming effect...

  • Tokens of His compassion
    John 17
    The suffering of Jesus
    "You need to bleed to bless." - Jowett

  • Travailing
    Galatians 4:19
    There is no birth without travail. In His letter to the Galatians the apostle Paul shares that he travails in birth "until Christ be formed" in them. Very few people travail in prayer today. The cost is high - counting all things loss, being crucified unto the world, and knowing the fellowship of His sufferings. We must be filled with the love of Christ which constraineth us. Without this compassion and undying love for Christ and others we will not follow through. The church needs a fresh baptism of His love in order to travail and see new birth and life. Are you willing to surrender your all to Him and kneel in travailing prayer?

  • Sin of Laodicea
    Revelation 3:14-17
    Lukewarmness and blindness in the church.

  • What is your life?
    James 4:14
    The purpose of God for our lives.