What Seek Ye?
By Paul Ravenhill

We all get what we seek in the end -- let me say it differently,

"The God we seek, is the God we find."

This truth becomes our hope of glory - or the cause of our destruction.
John says, "we shall be like him for (because) we shall see him..." 1John 3:2.
The problem with the church today is that we've not seen the Son of God but rather we've been shown a distorted picture of the Son of God.

The church has presented an image of God, not engraved in stone, but rather engraved in words by the reasoning of man's mind and the influences of the age in which we live. The phony word games of the present political sphere are but a pale reflection of the unconscionable manipulation of spiritual truth within the church. We've "taken away" and "added to" until the Christ revealed in the Word by the Spirit has become the Christ of our convenience and our comfort... But we only fooled ourselves; we can't "take from" or "add to" God.

As a nation, and also as the nominal church throughout the world, our time has run out. For us, as individuals only, there is time to decide what it is that we really seek. The self-gratifying images conjured up by our minds will not meet the test of reality. The world hastens hell-bent to destruction. Only a true vision of the true Christ can meet our needs. We must see Him as He is or we must perish.

The abundance of the life of Christ awaits us,
not as the answer to our declarations of faith, but as a filling of the empty vessel of our lives given to Him,
          not because of our strength but because of our need,
          not because of what we are but because of what He is.

I believe God will form for Himself new people-

a people whose eyes have been opened to see Him,
a people who esteem all things loss for the knowledge of the Son of God,
a people who seek the heavenly unmixed with any of the goals of this world's hopes, or fears, or ambitions,
a people who, out of weakness and total human inadequacy, are made strong through His indwelling Spirit.

God is seeking.
      A people who will leave the old life with its values and priorities.
      A people who will put God first.
      A people whose eyes are not on the earthly kingdom and what it can offer them.
      A people whose home is in the heavenlies and whose life "dwells with Christ in

A time is upon us when all that can be shaken will be shaken. Those of God's people who have built on shakable things will be desolate. But those whose heart is fixed on the unshakable dimensions of God will rejoice as they see with clearer vision the beauty, the glory, and the eternal fullness of those things which remain.

The Word is still true: if we seek...we shall find.

The God we seek is the God we find.
He will reveal - and in that revelation we will see the purpose of life and know its life-giving flow in our whole being.

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